How to get work done by ChatGPT/GenAI

Sometime when we ask question to ChatGPT, it gives not that great answers and we get frustrated. However as they say, in normal conversation itself, it is not the answer but good question (how you ask) matters. Here is an example where I wanted to track the results of my Annual Health Checkup in an excel over years. I did not want to type all the parameters so was looking for a handy template. Checked on Bing Chat and found that results were useless.  But see how in end I could get what I wanted from Bing Chat to a large extent. Thus few observations: - The ability to ask good question is primary driver to get good answer - GenAI is still not able to understand intend behind question which intelligent human mind normally able to understand. For example a mother knows what a kid want even if she/ he tells in whatever way. - GenAI does not comply to what you ask always. See last answer, I specifically asked to separate columns with ^ but it did not. Keep an eye as I plan to bring some of